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Wellbeing Hub Survey Results

The results of the village survey were overwhelmingly in favour of the Wellbeing Hub project.

  • 91% of respondents think that the Wellbeing Hub is a good idea.

  • Over 50% want to get involved in the project in some way.

  • Over 50% want to be kept informed of developments.

We have many suggestions for why the Hub is needed and what activities should be involved.

Humphrey Claxton, Chairman of the Kelsall Wellbeing Hub Board of Trustees, comments: “I am delighted that so many people responded to the survey – four times as many as would be expected from a survey like this – which shows that there is massive interest in, and support for, the Hub”.


More Details


Here are some of the ideas for the services and activities that the Wellbeing Hub could provide – tick the ones that you would like to see on offer.


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