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Rural Alliance

Primary Care Network 

in West Cheshire


What is the Rural Alliance Primary Care Network in West Cheshire? But first what is Primary Care and what is a Primary Care Network?


Primary Care

Primary Care is the terminology used by the NHS for the first point of contact in the heath care system. NHS primary care therefore includes medical general practice i.e. the Kelsall Medical Centre and its doctors and nurses.

Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a new development by the NHS in which adjacent medical general practices work together to offer enhanced medical  services and support.

Our Rural Alliance

For us the Primary Care Network (PCN) consists of the medical practices at Kelsall, Tarporley, Bunbury, Tattenhall and Malpas. Our PCN is called the Rural Alliance PCN for obvious reasons. 


By working together and using new NHS funding our Rural Alliance PCN in West Cheshire will soon provide enhanced medical support in areas such as physiotherapy, pharmacy review and social prescribing.

Click below to read how our NHS Primary Care is organised by the Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group


NHS Cheshire CCG website

Rural Alliance Newsletter

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