Frequently Asked Questions About the Wellbeing Hub


Where will the new Medical Centre and Wellbeing Hub be located?   Where is the access going to be? 

Between Flat Lane and The Morris Dancer - see map with more details

The detailed planning documents can be found on the Cheshire West and Chester web site under reference 18/01996/FUL

Has planning permission been granted for the new Medical Centre and Wellbeing Hub?

Yes - planning permission has been granted.  Also the West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group has approved the new surgery on behalf of the NHS.

When will it be built?

Construction should start in April 2019 and be complete by the end of 2020

Who will own the Wellbeing Hub when it is built?

The Hub will be owned by the medical centre.  The practice will only ever use the Hub space for that purpose.  That will be confirmed in a written agreement between the practice and the PPG.


Will there be car parking space?


Will we get a better service from the Medical Practice?

This question is about the new Medical Centre, not about the Wellbeing Hub.  However, with a much larger footprint and five GP consulting rooms the PPG believes that there is plenty of scope for a better service.  Reasons for the new medical centre include the fact that it is about one quarter of the size that the NHS recommends for the current list size of 5,000 and that new building expected within the practice’s catchment area will further increase pressure on it.

I live in Kelsall but am not with the Kelsall Medical Centre.  Will I be able to use it?

Yes.  The Hub is for everyone who lives in Kelsall whether they are a patient of the Kelsall Medical Centre or not and for everyone who is a patient of the Kelsall Medical Centre whether they live in the village or not.  In total the Hub is aiming to serve a catchment of 10,000 people of whom 3,000 are patients of the Kelsall Medical Centre.

Who are the PPG?

Anyone can join the PPG and come along to meetings.  There is a voluntary Management Committee who coordinate the matters of the PPG.  The PPG is part of an existing charity that includes the Community Centre and the Social Club.  We have set up a bank account for the purposes of managing our affairs and for administering donations and bonds for the Wellbeing Hub. 

How big will the Wellbeing Hub be?

70 sq m.

Will I be able to register as a patient here if I currently use Tarporley.

This question is about the new Medical Centre, not about the Wellbeing Hub.  However, the PPG knows that the Adey Practice in Tarporley will be operating out of the new premises on a part time basis as they currently do from the old bank building.

Why don't we use the facilities already in the village e.g. Methodist Church, St Philips Church Lounge, Community Centre and Social Club?

The Doctors and the PPG believe that the proximity of the Wellbeing Hub to the Medical Centre will be a key ingredient in the success of a project that is about much more than a room.  When the project is operating in the way the PPG envisages it is anticipated that much more use will be made of the existing facilities mentioned in the recent questionnaire because the Hub itself will be far too small to accommodate everything that we want to do. 

Who will run the Hub?

The Hub will be run by a committee consisting of the PPG and the Doctors.  We must remember that it is the doctors who are driving this project and the PPG is helping them to realise their vision.  There will be a part time manager who will organise rotas of volunteers as necessary, particularly when it is being used as a Talking Café.

Who will pay for the running costs for the Wellbeing Hub when it is open? 

The medical practice will pay for the insurance, maintenance, repairs and security as an extension to the cover for the medical centre.

If 50 people use the Hub everyday and spend £1.20 it should cover its basic costs.

The objective is to employ a part time manager to train volunteers for signposting, manage bookings and undertake the day-to-day activity of the centre. 

The Hub will also have around 20 volunteers to run the ‘talking café’.  It is intended to have themed days for the café e.g. a young mums morning, a men in sheds morning etc.

Is it realistic to attract this number of volunteers?

Yes.  Our survey has around 40 people who say they would like to be involved as volunteers.

Is the medical centre a PPI (Public Private Initiative)?

The centre is being developed by 3rd party developers that specialise in owning and letting primary care facilities.  It is a large company, listed on the stock exchange.  The medical practice will lease the premises from the company.

Why do you need £130,000 for the Wellbeing Hub?

To build and equip an extension to the new Medical centre that the NHS won’t pay for.

We have raised all the money we needed for the Wellbeing Hub, so why are you now trying to raise another £73,000?


Before we could instruct the builder to build the Hub we needed to be sure that we could afford to pay his bills and equip the room ready for use.  This required £130,000 and that was our target which we reached in April.  However, £73,000 of the total was raised as loans from individuals and local businesses, in the form of Bonds, which we now have to repay.  In order to do this we shall be applying for grants, organizing fundraising events and seeking donations.


Will all the money raised be used for the Wellbeing Hub or for other PPG matters? 

All the money raised will be used for the Wellbeing Hub.  If for whatever reason the project does not go ahead, the bonds will be refunded.   

Can we Gift Aid donations?

Not currently.  The PPG is working on this but it is a complex process

Are local businesses supporting the Wellbeing Hub?

Yes.  All the pubs, the Coop and other businesses are providing facilities free of charge and putting on events to fund raise.

What activities are planned for the hub and how will they be decided upon with the needs of the village being considered?


The first thing to remember is that the Wellbeing Hub is part of the doctors’ prescription for the health and wellbeing of Kelsall and its surrounding area.  They say that we not only need a new medical centre, we also need a Wellbeing Hub.  So the doctors will play the biggest part in spelling out what they want to be going on in the Hub.  In addition to that the village itself will say what it wants to do with the Hub.  We started this project with a survey in which we asked everyone for their views and have a long list of things they want to see.  Go to to get a flavour.


We are still  in the very early stages of working out how to use the space.  We are using the Frome experience to guide us.  Explore to find out more.


We shall also be using experience gained in Stockport.  Take a look at to give you a feel for what they are doing over there.


So we expect that we shall have:

“Talking Cafés” as a core activity.  These will be open house, drop in opportunities and will probably run daily.  We may theme some of them to encourage people to come to pursue an interest.  So we might have young mums on Tuesdays and old timers on Thursdays.  This is primarily about dealing with loneliness which kills as many people as does smoking, alcohol and obesity.


Peer support groups will be another core activity and they will cover whatever is needed.  We are expecting that charities that address these needs will provide some specialist input.  So it could be about:

  •  being the mother of a first baby, bringing up toddlers, managing teenagers

  •  bullying at school, internet safety, developing social skills, eating disorders, self-harming

  • being a carer

  • losing a job

  • suffering a bereavement

  • living with cancer, dementia, diabetes

  • weight loss, healthy eating

The opportunities are endless but it will be what we can do to help people in the very early stages of situations which, if nothing is done to help will lead to mental ill-health and the medical conditions that result from that.