Getting Your Covid-19 Vaccination


A further update from Kelsall Medical Centre regarding the next groups for Covid Vaccinations


These are guidance notes for Group 5 (ages 65-69)

& Group 6 (Adults aged 18-65 in ’at risk’ Categories)


From next week and in line with the latest national guidance, the following groups will be invited for Covid Vaccination:


Those in Group 5 (ages 65-69) will receive national booking letters in the coming days. Please follow the guidance in the letters to book appointments at the larger vaccine centres and pharmacy led centres e.g., Chester Racecourse, Winsford Morrisons, Crewe Pharmacy.


This is to reduce the confusion for you and the duplication of work for Practices.


If you have any problems accessing these larger sites and can only access Cheshire View then please let your Practice know.



At the same time, The Rural Alliance will be inviting those in Group 6 (Adults aged 18-65 in ’at risk’ Categories) for appointments at our vaccination site at Cheshire View.


Vaccination dates at Cheshire View for February are: -

Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th February

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th February.


Those in Group 6 will be receiving invites for these clinics in the coming days. Unfortunately, The Rural Alliance only have around 2500 doses to give which won’t be enough for everyone in this Group. However, we will update you when we have news of further deliveries.


Please wait for your invitation rather than contacting the Practice.