Fundraising for the Wellbeing Hub

Some excellent news to report! 


We have just been promised a grant of £17,500 by Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment Fund.  Trafford Housing Trust trades as Laurus Homes outside Trafford and is developing the new estate on the old Marley Tiles site at Delamere. 


When added to the other grant commitments and the fundraising we have done we now have to raise another £48,000 to cover the total costs of building and equipping the Hub.  That figure stood at £130,000 last November so we have made a huge amount of progress.  I am very confident that we shall be able to get grants for equipping the Hub but it is too soon to be applying for them.  We shall wait until after construction has started and we have finalized our equipment list.


Thanks to the magnificent generosity of over 200 people we raised £73,000 through the Bonds which puts us in the position of being able to tell the builder to proceed with the building.  We can’t start repaying the bonds just yet as we don’t know the timing of our outgoings or when we shall receive the grant monies or any grants that we may get for equipment; but this is now a question of “when” not “if”.  A number of people who bought bonds have indicated that they do not want their bonds to be repaid but we are not making any assumptions other than that we have to be in a position to redeem all the bonds. 


The next campaign to raise the remainder of the funds will be built around “Buy a Tile” and we are just finalizing the details of the tiles now.  Broadly speaking, we have identified wall areas within the Hub which can be attractively covered with decorative tiles of different colours to recognize different levels of donation.  Tiles will carry the donor’s choice of inscription and will recognize donations of £25, £50, £100 and £250.  We anticipate that some bond holders will want to exchange their bonds for tiles.


The other bit of good news is that we have successfully registered the Kelsall Patient Participation Group as a charity and that will enable us to claim Gift Aid on qualifying donations.


Many thanks to all our followers, supporters and contributors.  Without you we would not be in this strong position.  But there is still more to do!